City of Dreams: House of Dancing Water


One thing about me is that I don’t travel for the purpose of shopping. I like traveling to visit tourist spots, to take pictures of the wonders created by man and nature, and to have firsthand experience of other cultures. With that being said, watching the House of Dancing Water in Macau was definitely a good decision.

Words cannot express how amazing the show was. I couldn’t absorb the story at first, but I forgot about it as the show progressed because the stunts and the effects were just breathtaking. The stage itself was a spectacle, one minute there’s water, then next thing you know, they are standing on hollow ground.

Among the stunts, one of my personal favorites is the Human Chandelier. I admire the performers for their stamina. I could just imagine how intense their training must have been to perfect their performance.


Who doesn’t love fountains and lights?



It was hard to capture everything on cam, but I’m pretty much satisfied with the shots that I got. Behold:

IMG_6993 IMG_7356 IMG_7308 IMG_7021

The show was worth every penny. We left with smiles on our faces. :)



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