Adieu, Madeleine

Yesterday, I said goodbye to my laptop, Madeleine.

We had a good year together, but I was being unfair to her. I didn’t use her that much, and I wasn’t the most careful owner in the world.

I decided to sell her for practicality. Honestly, I only use my laptop for surfing the internet, which I could do using my iPhone. Also, this coming January, I’ll be changing my phone to a Note II which is already a phone-tablet, so it kind of defeats the purpose of having a laptop. For me, it would be redundant. If I had a choice, I would choose Madeleine over a new phone, but my iPhone will die on me very soon and I just had to replace it.

I keep on telling myself that this is for a good cause, but still, I can’t help but get sad. I’ve become attached to her, given the fact that I bought her for my birthday this year.

Ugh. I will miss you Madeleine. I’m so sorry I had to let you go. :(


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