Me Time

What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?

Who would have thought that I’d find it hard to answer this question (follow-up questions included)?

My ideal Saturday morning involves any of the following:

1. Lounging in my bed doing absolutely nothing, aside from catching some Zzzzzz. I don’t get a lot of sleep on weekdays, and I am often exhausted with work, so sleep and rest are two luxuries that I’d very much like to afford.

2. Spending time with my family. I spend most of the week away from home and I only get 2 days with them (if I’m lucky).

3. Exploring a new territory (local or international, it doesn’t matter!).

4. Bonding with my boyfriend. We see each other every single day but it doesn’t mean that the time we spend together can always be considered ‘quality time’. Most of the time we’re tired from work, so there.

5. SPA!!! (Need I say more?)

Now, my answer to the follow-up question:

NO, I’m not doing any of these things today. Poor me, I have five options and I don’t get to do even just one. :(

I spent the whole morning on the road in between Manila and my province, ALONE. So yeah, no lounging around, no family, no boyfriend, no exploring new territory, and definitely no spa.

How I wish I could teleport.


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