2012 Time Capsule

Five years ago, my college friends and I made a Time Capsule containing our own letters to our future selves. Now, I feel ecstatic and curious— I keep on thinking, “What the hell did I write in there?” Well, only time will tell because it’s not due to be opened until February next year.

In the meantime, I plan to create a new Time Capsule c/o The Daily Prompt:

The year is drawing to a close. What would you put in a 2012 time capsule?

My mind is swirling with ideas. There’s so much I could put in this Time Capsule.

Memories that I treasure so they would last forever.

The people that I love most so I could always keep them close.

A letter to my future self so I could always look back and be reminded where I have been.

Highlights of 2012:

– Surprise birthday get-together from my boyfriend

– My nephew’s 1st birthday party

Puerto Princesa escapade with my two favorite travel buddies

– Cebu and Bohol trip with high school BFFs

The Plunge!

Coron trip with my family

– The Harry Potter Exhibit in Singapore

– 3rd anniversary with boyfriend

People that made my 2012 special:

My mom, dad, and sister. All my life they have been my constant source of love and inspiration.

My nephew who never fails to make me smile. He makes our days brighter, he’s our very own stress-reliever.

My extended family— I am so glad that we are a very tightly knit family, may it be on my mother’s side or father’s side. Aside from education and good health, family is one of the things that I consider as real treasure.

My boyfriend, who incidentally, is also the best boyfriend ever. (No kidding!)

My friends— I don’t have a lot of friends, but the ones I have are the best. I am not very friendly but I make sure that the friends I have are worth keeping.

Letter to my future self:

Dear future Erika,

You may have already forgotten that I wrote this letter to you, but if and when you happen to come across this in the future, I hope this letter would remind you where you started, and to always, always, keep yourself grounded.

I won’t tell you much because I think you should have been smart enough to figure yourself out by now. (Yes, I do have faith in you.)

However, I have three tips for you:

1) Continue dreaming. Wherever you are right now, even if you have achieved your goals, DO NOT stop dreaming.

2) DO NOT stop seeking for adventure. You love traveling, so go forth and explore the places you’ve never been to.

3) Do you see the list of people above? They are the most important people in your life. Make sure that they are still in your life. NEVER let them go, they are your life’s greatest treasures. No matter how successful you become, you are a nobody unless you have them.

Good luck!

Yours truly,

Erika (2012 edition)

P.S. Congratulations! Either you survived 21-12-2012, or there was no apocalypse after all. Good job!


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