Anywhere But Here

With a little more than a month to go, I will be embarking on another out-of-the-country trip and I’m already starting to feeling restless. In fact, ever since we started planning our Indochina trip, my mind just keeps on wandering to a happy place (a.k.a anywhere but here). All I can think of is travel, travel, travel. I often find myself thinking, fast forward to 2013 please!

This is serious, I’m getting a severe case of wanderlust.

I also realized that I’m starting to use traveling as a form of escape— a therapy. I want to escape from my job, especially now that I’m starting to feel the stress and pressure. Yes, mainly that.

Earlier today, I found myself ransacking my closet for my winter clothes. I wanted to start packing now, even if I won’t be leaving until January. I racked my brain as to what I should wear, how should I fit all my clothes in just one backpack, how many scarves will I bring, et cetera.

Don’t think about it yet, January is still far anyway, my mom told me.

No mommy, I need to do this now. I need to take my mind off from work. I’m sick of it, very sick. I want to fast forward to that time where I’ll be frolicking in a foreign land, relishing the cold weather, thinking about absolutely nothing. I want to leave.

I belong out there.



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