Wish List (Part Deux)

Just when I thought that I couldn’t think of anything else to add to the wish list I made weeks ago, here I am again lusting over things that I want for myself.

If it weren’t for my severe case of wanderlust, I would’ve bought these things already. Except for the digital camera because it’s way too expensive. And the mobile phone. Sheesh.

I think God is testing my self-control.

A friend referred this little store that houses products from various designers, and instead of checking out the clothes, I focused on the accessories more. I found this really cute Travel Envelope by Fab Manila.

I also found this equally cute Currency & Cards organizer. It doesn’t have space for passport though.

I just think it would be convenient for me to just put all my travel documents (passport, boarding pass, immigration card), pocket money, ATM cards, and credit cards in just one place whenever I travel. It will save me from all the hassle. Plus, it would make my bag less bulky.

I also want a satchel. Or any bag that is huge enough to contain my everyday necessities. I found this site that offers Customized Satchel Bags.

I prefer the 13-inch satchel just so I could put my laptop inside it. The colors below are just adorable!

The Made To Order 13-inch leatherette satchel with 2-3 colors cost approximately Php 2,800.00, and since I’m not really the type of person who buys bags a lot, I’m not sure if I should consider this price reasonable.

So many wants, so many needs, so little budget. It’s so frustrating.

But hey, I’ll get to travel six countries next year. I could just imagine that it will be worth the wait and self-control.


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