179 warts, neuroticism, and gluttony

I can’t believe that my vacation is almost over. Where have all those precious days gone?

Goodbye vacation, hello gazillion e-mails waiting to be read!

I am glad, however, that I stayed at home these past three weeks. It gave me the chance to actually rest and spend some time with my family. I was finally able to have that me time that I’ve been craving for.

During the time that I’ve been spending here at home, I have come upon a few realizations. I could say that I have learned more about myself.

First, did you know that my face has 179 warts? Icky, right? Well, it’s alright. I had 75 of them removed, I had to leave those that are invisible to the naked eye because the procedure is expensive.

All this time I thought I had nice skin, and this idea was shattered when I studied my face in the mirror and I noticed the tiny warts. And so I had them removed, only to have ugly wounds all over my face after the treatment. This made me realize how nice my skin really was, and for a moment I regretted my decision of undergoing to the procedure. I guess it’s true then, that you won’t know what you have until it’s gone.

Fortunately, most of the wounds have dried up quickly and they’re gone now. My face is almost back to normal. Whew!

Second, I don’t think I’m ready to have a child in the near future. It’s not like I’ve been planning on having one soon, but still.

I love my nephew and I enjoy spending time with him. I bonded with him during my vacation, and I saw firsthand how hard it is to raise a kid. Especially now that he is almost two, oh dear. It’s like every object he sees, he needs to touch it. And throw it. Or destroy it. Or eat it.

It’s really, really, really difficult to make a 2 year-old kid understand the difference between right and wrong, or which object is a toy and which is not.

He’s a smart kid, my nephew. Very intelligent and advanced for his age. He’s barely two and yet, he can already count from 1 to 25. He can count in French (1-10), and he can also count in Spanish (1-5). He recites the alphabet and knows how to read the letters. He knows how to identify shapes. He can string words into a sentence. I am really proud of him.

He won’t be this bright if it weren’t for my sister who teaches and guides him 24/7. She’s that good with kids. She has always been the one that’s good with kids. Me, nah. I even think that my attention span is shorter than any kid.

When I get to have a baby of my own, I want him/her to have my full attention just like how my sister is with her son. But I can’t do that, can I? I have a full-time job. As much as I want to devote my time in taking care of my future child, I won’t be able to quit working. Times are hard now, how much more in a few years’ time?

And how neurotic of me to worry about stuff like this when I don’t have to think about it for the next century.

Last but not the least, I realized that I tend to eat whenever I feel bored. And I do get bored a lot. Sucks to be me.

How profound. Teehee.


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