And the search begins…

…for the perfect hotel room.

Well, not really. As long as it’s clean, accessible, and affordable, it doesn’t have to be posh and perfect.

Only two months to go before my trip to Hong Kong and Macau with friends, and we still haven’t booked a hotel/hostel. We should decide soon, or else, I could only visualize two outcomes: 1) we end up staying in a more expensive hotel, or 2) we end up in a cheap but crappy hotel. I don’t know which outcome I prefer, so I’d rather go with Plan A thankyouverymuch.

So far, we have found three likely candidates for our home away from home: Yes Inn, Check Inn, and Hop Inn. (Interesting names, don’t you think?)

Yes Inn

We initially wanted this one since we’re a group of six, and it’s much more convenient if we all stay in one room.

What we failed to consider is the fact that we would be using only one bathroom, meaning one of us has to wake up very early so we could start our day early. Or else, we will be spending our morning in our room waiting for our turn to take a bath.

Check Inn

I stumbled upon this Inn this morning. It has the highest rating (96%) among all hostels in, and the reviews are all good.

Same problem as Yes Inn, for the dorm room, there’s only one bathroom.

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Hop Inn

I love the interior design of their rooms. Unfortunately, it’s a bit pricey compared to the other two.

They do not have dorm rooms, so if we choose this, we will be split into two or three rooms.

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Sigh. I have a love-hate relationship with traveling sometimes. I hate the search for hotels and actual spending (ha-ha), but I love planning the itinerary and exploring. But I will continue searching, love is greater than hate after all. :)


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