Halloween Schmalloween

Ever since my nephew was born, our family started to dress up for Halloween.

Last year, I was too lazy to be anything so I borrowed this blonde wig from our neighbor and I dressed up as Lindsay Lohan in her washed-up state. I wore shades, and I carried a bottle of liquor all the time. My nephew, who was still seven months old at that time, wore his Tigger overalls. How cute.

This year, I wanted to go as Snow White because she’s my favorite Disney Princess. It was hard to make a costume though, so I opted for Tiger Lily. I like that girl.

This is the inspiration for my costume (got it from Pinterest):





















My mom’s already making me a tutu, while my sister made a necklace with the similar design as the tassels in the photo. I can’t wait for my costume to be complete!

My nephew will dress up as Peter Pan, his costume also a DIY project c/o my mom.

My sister will dress up as Snow White (humph!) but in all honesty, the look would suit her. My eyes are too chinky and her hair is much shorter.

Next year, I’ll dress up as Rapunzel! :)


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