Hi WordPress! Remember me? I hope you still do.

I haven’t been posting much again, mainly because whenever I go home after work, I fall asleep instantly. Well actually, I do turn on my laptop and surf the web, but I get sleepy within the first ten minutes so I just give it up.

Also, this weekend, I also got to finish two books. I admit I have immensely low EQ when it comes to reading books. Once I get hold of something worth reading, I. JUST. HAVE. TO. FINISH. IT. End of discussion.

So there’s this e-book that I’ve downloaded ages ago, and whenever I try to start it, I just don’t go far beyond that first paragraph. Until yesterday, when I was inside a bus going home to the town where I grew up, I got bored and I started reading it— and I intended to finish it this time around.

And so I did. *applause*

In my opinion, that first paragraph is very crucial for a story. It has to be captivating enough to ensnare you, to make you want more. Sadly, for Spellbound, it wasn’t the case. The story started with:

It’s always embarrassing to have someone take you to school. Your dad, your mom, anyone with her hair in rollers. But for the first day as a junior at my new school— a ridiculously expensive private school on New York’s Upper East Side— I was being walked to school by my baby cousin. A freshman.

Upon reading this, one thing came to mind: Cliché. As with how all stories go, there’s this not-really rich girl who goes to a private school and she’s shy and self-conscious and tries so hard to be invisible but somehow gets the attention of the most sought-after boy in school. And I bet my buttons there’s a queen-bee-slash-head-cheerleader-esque girl who would make her life hell.

Perhaps this is the reason why I never continued reading it. First impressions last.

But then, I decided to go against my misgivings, and finally gave the book one last chance. I liked it.

Now, I’m not saying that this book deserves a prize from award-giving bodies. However, I can say that I enjoyed it. If you’re interested in light reading, then this one’s for you.

I love stories with wit. And what I also like is the fact that both protagonists were strong, they knew they were doomed but they stayed with each other. I hate it when one tries to sacrifice and leave the other, to make things better, as if it would. Or when someone tries to act as if one no longer cares about the other person thinking that it would do them any good, when in fact it only creates unnecessary drama. Blech. I like fighters, those who would do anything to get what they deserve and protect what they already have.

Anyway, the story is about Emma Connor, whose mother and twin brother died in just a year’s interval and then was left to the care of her drunkard stepfather who almost killed her in a car accident caused by drunk-driving. She then moved in with her aunt, and she enrolled Emma in a private school. There, she meets Brendan Salinger, her soul mate. Really, soul mate. I really don’t believe in soul mates, but if he’s as hot as Brendan Salinger, then by all means…why not?


To cut the long story short, Emma and Brendan were reincarnations of two lovers from centuries back. There was this certain Lord Archer who married a peasant named Gloriana, and they were so in love with each other. Gloriana was murdered, and the devastated Lord Archer bargained with a witch, asking her to reunite him with his one true love. The witch created a spell, but there was a catch: Gloriana’s soul will roam the earth and when Lord Archer dies, both of them will be reincarnated and will be together again; however, the cycle would only repeat itself, they would meet again, only to lose Gloriana again by some tragic death.They could be reincarnated century after century, and their souls will meet again, only to be separated by tragedy again, and again, and again.

Of course they will make it through. I have a love-hate relationship with tragic love stories, and I am so glad that this one doesn’t belong to that category.

Now, I don’t want to spoil the story that much…just like what I did to my post about The Fault In Our Stars. 

I finished the book in one day, and then I downloaded the sequel immediately, entitled Spellcaster. Again, thank God for authors who do not botch good relationships, those who do not try to twist the story too much.

I wish there was a third book, but with the way the sequel ended, I don’t think there is anymore. And I’m pretty much happy for them in the end, so I think Emma and Brendan deserve a break after all that they’ve been through.

As for me, I think I will dream about Brendan Salinger tonight. There it goes, another addition to the list of fictional characters that I obsess on.


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