I first saw this quote when I was in college. It just keeps on popping up, even years after.

Back then, when I was still a teen who recently got out of a complicated relationship, this quote gave me hope. I keep telling myself, someday you will meet someone you deserve.

I clung to this hope for years, until I eventually forgot about it. I had friends to cheer me up, a job to keep me busy. I was finally happy. I was no longer waiting for that someone, because I know he will come to my life when it’s the right time.

Today, I saw this quote again. And it hit me.

It hit me and I did not cringe from pain nor from the bitter memories. It hit me, and I actually smiled.

Three years ago, he walked into my life. And finally, I knew why it never worked out with anyone else.

I have learned that the secret to maintaining a healthy relationship— aside from love— is a combination of mutual respect and a lot of patience. Not only do you have to respect the other person, but you have to start with yourself.

They say that you have to love yourself more. Well, that’s not entirely true. Love never runs out, you can love yourself and still be able to love others with all your heart. But when you lack self-respect, then it’s all downhill from there.

Belated Happy Anniversary, Cy.*

Thank you for the love, patience, and respect. Thank you for loving the people I love, and for supporting all my aspirations.

I don’t regret the day that I decided to give you the chance to be my boyfriend. I have always been this scaredy-cat when it comes to men, but for some reason, when you sat there beside me and told me that you love me, I wasn’t that scared anymore.

I love you, to infinity and beyond.

* This should’ve been a post for our third anniversary, but due to unforeseen circumstances (a.k.a falling asleep after our dinner date) I had to postpone writing this entry. Nevertheless, it’s still the thought that counts. :)


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