On current events and…well, current events.

Hello WordPress. It’s been a busy week, I think my brain cells are slowly dwindling.

What’s new? Well, it’s still raining. (That’s not new.) Filing of Certificate of Candidacy (COC) for 2013 Senatorial Elections has started. (Saw a lot of cuckoos in the television.) There’s definitely some cat fight going on between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. Oh and yes, there’s so much buzz going around recently regarding this Cybercrime Law that has recently been passed.

I know I’m leaning more towards the apathetic side when it comes to politics (if there’s even a side for apathy), but anyway, I think it will be a good exercise to show that I still care. Even just a teeny weeny bit.

Because I’m still a citizen of this country, and I have the right to express my own opinions. I think.

No I’m not here to join the bandwagon, I’m not going to replace my profile picture with a black image, or start ranting about how it is a violation of freedom of expression. Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT supporting this law either— it’s just that I don’t think I know enough about it to make a stand. I have no right to get mad if my only basis are the opinions I just happen to come across in Facebook or say, Twitter. (Let’s face it, Filipinos have the tendency to exaggerate and sensationalize issues.)

But here’s what I think:

There are a lot of issues in this country that need more attention like public education, health care, building better infrastructures, finding ways to prevent flooding, giving shelter to street children, et cetera…and yet the government is willing to shell out Php50 million every year just to fund this law?

Honestly, I don’t think that this law would, in any way, help our country progress. Will it feed hungry mouths? No. Will it help alleviate poverty? No.

Perhaps I only have the audacity to say this because I am not directly affected. But then, perhaps not. Perhaps I’m just telling the truth, the way I see it.

Alright, let me admit it, I am not apathetic. I still care. And I don’t like this law— not because I think it is a violation of rights— but for the sole reason that there are more important things that these politicians need to focus on. That there are millions of people out there who are starving, thousands of minors who are out on the streets working their asses off instead of studying. Priorities, people! Priorities!

It really sucks that 32% of my salary goes to the government, only for nonsense like this. Well, not even. It just sucks that 32% of my salary goes to the government. Period. The world would be a better place if taxes go directly to legit charities or NGOs instead of the government, don’t you think? But then, if that’s the case, no one would apply for government office anymore. Oh, wait. That’s actually a good thing.

Anyway, before I get arrested for sharing my opinion (or get cyber-bullied for either not supporting or supporting this law, whichever side hates me first), I will stop now. For my own good.



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