Bucket List # 9 — DONE! (Almost.)

Hey, remember when I made a post about my bucket list? I’ll be crossing one out soon!

9. Bring my family (mom, dad, sister and nephew) abroad using my own money.

Last Thursday, I booked tickets to Hong Kong for July 2013.

I know it’s crazy, since I’ll be going in January already. But I’ve been planning to take my nephew to Disneyland for his next birthday, I was just waiting for a seat sale. And then there it was!

My London trip for next year might take the back seat for now, since I will be running out of leaves already and I seriously, like seriously, need to save first. I guess I’ll just move it to 2014.

I have to make this sacrifice to make my nephew happy. I know it’ll be all worth it once I see his face light up when he sees his favorite cartoon characters come to life. :)


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