To Yes Inn or To YMCA?

Just three months to go before our trip to Hong Kong and we don’t have a hotel yet.

Back when we were still planning our trip to Korea, I’ve been doing the research for months even before I got my visa. Perhaps because I want to go there so much, that I really worked hard on the itinerary (I don’t want to miss anything!). But now that we’re going to Hong Kong, I can sit back and relax because I know that my boyfriend is familiar with the place, and I’ve been there before (not that I’m capable of going around and NOT get lost).

We found this hostel named Yes Inn, it’s located in Causeway Bay. Since we’re a huge group (6-7 people), we will be renting the Mixed Dorm-type room for 9 people. PROs: 1) It’s cheaper, 2) We don’t have to sleep in separate rooms, and 3) It’s accessible. CON (and the biggest problem): it might take long for us to get ready in the morning because there’s only one bathroom inside, so either we go out late OR one of us wakes up early to start the day (and that definitely won’t be me).

Then there’s this another option, which is the good ol’ YMCA The Salisbury. It’s located in Tsim Sha Tsui, we stayed there two years ago and it was okay, in my opinion. The room we stayed in before had a very nice view, of course it’s more expensive than the normal one, but the view is worth it.

View from our room, it’s much better at night!

If we stay in YMCA, it will cost more but the location is convenient, and we won’t have to rush in the morning to get ready. Plus, there’s a discount for HSBC employees.

Now I’m confused, haha. But then, I’m not the only one who will decide so…I guess we’ll cross the bridge when we get there.


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