From This Day Forward

Like any other girl, I fantasize how my future wedding will be. I may not look like it, but yes, I do have a vision.

I know I won’t get married any time soon, in fact, I don’t think it will happen even in the next five years. It’s fun to visualize though. It’s good to be prepared when the right time comes, even if that right time isn’t part of my near future.

This blog isn’t called Tangled Up In Daydreams for nothing, after all.

I have this Pinterest account, and I save all the cute ideas I come across— not just for weddings. There are lots of interesting stuff there, like typographies, designs, DIYs, et cetera.

Here’s what I came up with so far:


A mixture of light colors like teal and peach or salmon (or very light pink). The combination looks very feminine.


These are the cutest I have ever seen to date. I don’t care if it’s simple, as long as it has character.


I’ve seen a lot of hairstyles— bun, twisted bun, braided bun, braids, so on and so forth. They’re all nice, but I think it’s only because the models have light hair or blonde hair. For dark haired like me, I’m not sure if elaborate hairstyles would be given justice.


Character. Character. Character. I’m going for the whimsical-but-cute kind of aura.

And of course…the floating lanterns! Just because I love them.


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