Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Since I’ve missed the last two photo challenges, I figured I should make it up to you (you, I don’t know who, but I just said you because it sounds nicer haha).

Anyway, when I saw this week’s challenge, three interpretations came to mind. Ergo, I will be posting three photos representing each interpretation:

Near and Far, A Landscape

Near and Far, A Contrast

Near and Far, An Illusion

There, mysterious enough.


This is the original theme of the challenge, a picture of a landscape. I’m not sure if this is three-dimensional enough, but I love this picture. In fact, I never seem to get tired of it— the fresh snow, the fog, the cold water, even the statue.

I love taking pictures of landscapes, even though my mother always ask me why I take a lot of pictures without people in it. Uh, mom, this is art, I always tell her jokingly.



A contrast of old and new, traditional and modern. This is Chinatown in Singapore, one of my favorite places.

From where I was standing, the buildings were old fashioned, clearly preserving the Chinese culture. If you look further, you could already see the skyscrapers towering over the city. One thing that fascinates me most when I travel is this, seeing local culture being preserved despite the continuing globalization.



That’s me in the picture. My girlfriends and I all have pictures with this pose, thanks to the ever-so-accommodating tour guide that we had in the butterfly farm that we visited in Bohol.

The butterfly here is real, it was inside a frame. The tour guide made us stand in a certain spot where it would look as if we were the ones with wings. Brilliant.


Tell me what you think!

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