Painting by Numbers

Among all my out-of-the-country travels, there are things that I regret the most:

1. Not buying that pretty Coach bag in Hong Kong— I’ve been mourning this loss for two years now.

2. Not washing my hair every day when I was in London— End result: I look like crap in most of my pictures. (In my defense, it was really cold.)

3. Not buying a key chain in Seoul— I’ve been collecting key chains of the countries I’ve visited, and for some reason I just forgot to buy one.

4. Not buying a key chain in Dubai— Same reason as #3, in those three hours I only thought about food, sorry.

5. Not buying that Painting by Numbers kit from Vivo City in Singapore— Almost every day I think about how happy I could’ve been if I bought one.

Gaaah, Painting by Numbers. I almost bought that one with the Santorini design, but the store ran out of stock. Then I opted for the Winter-themed one, since I love winter even if we don’t experience it here in the Philippines, yet there was also no stock available. :(

I should’ve bought one, I could imagine where I will hang it once it’s done. It would’ve been perfect. So perfect.

It’s like cross-stitching, only cooler.

Below is a sample that I found in the internet. Unfortunately, I could no longer find anything similar to the designs that I wanted to paint.

I know it’s not a real painting at all, but it looks like a fun activity. You won’t even have to worry about the blending of colors, the painting just comes out awesome like that.

Sigh. I really wish I bought one. :(


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