Fighting the urge…

… to delete my previous post.

Why, why, why do I have to feel self-conscious (embarrassed, shameful, resentful…among other things) whenever I share something personal?

If you have noticed, I rarely write personal stuff here. I am not comfortable in sharing my private life, especially to strangers.

Honestly though, here’s what I think:

1. I’d rather have strangers read my blog than people I know personally.

2. I feel that my entries have more sense and content whenever I share something personal.

3. Writing about my life (or aspects of it) makes me feel good. I actually believe that this whole exercise is therapeutic.

Perhaps I should do this more often. Of course, it would take a lot of courage on my part, but I feel liberated whenever I manage to post something about myself.

Like now. *gives myself a pat on the back*


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