Get Clean

Remember when I posted an entry about me going on a cleansing diet and trying to do some exercise? Well, I have two words to describe the outcome: EPIC FAIL.

In my defense though, I was a bit discouraged when my colleague told me that she stopped doing the cleansing diet after just one day because 1) she couldn’t stand not eating the whole day, and 2) the taste of the cayenne pepper was just awful. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of spicy flavors and über-minty taste. I have low tolerance for spicy food. In fact, even toothpastes make me tear up if too minty. My friends and I were not able to jog either, because it’s been raining non-stop for about a month now. My jogging clothes and rubber shoes are still in my office, waiting to be used. I swear, someday that sun would finally come out from his hiding.

Perhaps it’s just not meant to be? But then, maybe I just lack willpower. Maybe I need some push.

And just when I had the courage to visit the nearest Healthy Options store, I found out that the ingredients I need for my cleansing diet would more or less cost me thousands in just two weeks. For example, an 8 oz Grade B Maple Syrup costs nearly Php600! Then you also have to buy Organic Sea Salt, Organic Cayenne Pepper, Laxative Tea, and Lemons. I found a bottle of Organic Pure Lemon Juice, but it costs Php215 each. In my estimate, one bottle isn’t enough for one day. Imagine how much that would be!

I ended up buying The Republic of Tea Get Clean # 7. It basically cleanses the liver and promotes a healthy digestive system, having Rooibos (red tea) as its base ingredient.

Once I finish the 36 bags, I will try Get Gorgeous # 1. As the name suggests, it helps in improving the skin and complexion. I’ve been having pimples recently (well, just one), and it bothers me a lot because I rarely get one. I have a pimple on my forehead right now and I’ve been itching to cut my bangs just so it would be hidden.

I have five theories on the sudden appearance of my pimple:

1. Ingestion of unhealthy food (GUILTY as charged!)

2. Raging hormones (NOT in a good way.)

3. Dirty surroundings (Understandable, I live in Manila anyway.)

4. STRESS! (Need I say more?)

5. Lack of sleep (Blame the Milk Tea addiction.)

I think my pimple is screaming: ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Geez, I really need to sort out my life, don’t I?

No need to worry, this time I’ll take this wellness thing seriously. :)


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