The Time Capsule

A few days ago, I received a tweet from one of my college friends asking me when our Time Capsule was due. It took me a moment to process her question until I realized what she was talking about. The Time Capsule. Right.

I almost forgot about that. Now I remember why I volunteered to be the custodian of the capsule. To remember.

So here’s a brief history: During our final year in college, we had this La Sallian Retreat where we were supposed to reflect on our lives before embarking on our journey towards the real world. In one activity, we were asked to write a letter addressed to our 2013 selves. We can write anything we want, it was up to us whether we would take the activity seriously. So, we sealed it with our handprints as well as our signatures, telling one another that we will meet again after five years…and then graduated and went off to join the real world.

When I was writing that letter, I was thinking…how stupid can this be, writing to myself when I already know what I’ve written? I mean, won’t my 24 year-old self know what her 19 year-old self wrote in that letter? Surprisingly, whenever I try to think about what I wrote, I can’t come up with anything. I don’t remember a single thing, and I don’t know what to expect when I finally see my letter.

Will I be embarrassed? I remember that my love life was in shambles at that time. I swear to God, if I wrote something entirely emo in that letter, I would just burn it and pretend it did not exist. *evil laugh*

Or, what if I wrote something like: When you read this, you are already successful in your career in the International Relations field. Will my 19 year-old self be disappointed with me? Will she get sad when she finds out that I did not end up in the field she visualized herself to be in?

It’s almost funny how things turned out. Four years ago, I was pretty sure my life sucked…and wow, will you look at that, I survived!

I wish I could have told my 19 year-old self that things will get better, just so she would stop stressing. I wish I could’ve told her to work harder, then perhaps she could’ve had a shot at the career she wanted to have. But then, I should’ve also told her that even if things did not go as planned, she will still end up happy.

Maybe one of these days, I will find it in my heart to write a letter to her. She deserves to know that her hardships will be worth it, because she herself is worthy.


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