Health = Wealth

I’m thinking if I should join the bandwagon and try the Master Cleanse diet.

Around two weeks ago, I had my Annual Executive Check-up. I was pretty shocked when I received the results. In summary:

  • I am overweight. (Seriously. You won’t really see it in my body but I really am heavy. It has to do with the ideal height and weight combination, I’m only 5ft 2in and I weigh like, 50 tons ha ha ha.)
  • My Cholesterol and LDL a.k.a. Bad Cholesterol are both high. (I’m not surprised, I’m the epitome of carnivore.)
  • My Electrocardiogram (ECG) result is abnormal. (I still have to consult a cardiologist for this one, and maybe request for another ECG procedure.)

Why, why, why did I let myself become like this?

Anyway, just recently, I have decided to partake in a couple of physical activities such as jogging (which is essentially brisk walking for me) and the game of badminton. If things go as planned (and if the weather cooperates), my new schedule starting Monday would be: M and W, jogging; T and TH, badminton. Friday would be cheat day, of course. *wink wink*

This whole exercise thing is already a huge step for me, considering that I’m a lazy ass, but I don’t think it will work unless I eat properly (meaning veggies and all). Frankly, I’m not a fan of vegetables. I tried, as in really tried, to start eating but my taste buds are rejecting the taste. My health hasn’t been that good ever since I was a little kid, and yet, I can’t find it in myself to eat healthy food.

I need to flush out all the toxins and fats from my body, that’s why I’m considering the cleanse. It won’t be forever anyway, just 10-14 days. However, the question is, can I do this? Can I subject myself to something that my normal self would view as a form of torture?

I need to be healthy. I am only 23, and I wouldn’t want to drop dead all of a sudden just because of my poor diet and lack of exercise.

I hate to admit this but yes, I regret being such a stubborn kid. I hate myself for not being healthy enough, and not doing anything about it for years. But now, I am trying my best.

Better late than never, I guess.


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