My Other Birthday

Today marks my 4th **** Birthday. (Where **** = company name)

Four years ago, I walked into the halls of the bank: fresh from college, innocent, eager to make a name for myself. Four years later, here I am, proud to say that I’ve gotten far.

When I had my first interview, the interviewer asked me, “How long do you see yourself staying here at ****?” I answered, “Just two years.”


Am I happy? Hmm, from time to time, yes. I guess there’s something there, something that fulfills me in a way. Perhaps when I get to help someone, or whenever my hard work is appreciated. But there are also times that I just can’t handle it anymore. Like, I have to drag myself from bed and push myself to get out of that door and just go to work. There are times that I am frightened by what I will face in the office, if an irate client would make my life hell, or if there’s some complicated transaction that I have to handle.

I’m glad though, that I have made a name in my own way. I climbed my way to the top. Well, technically I’m not up there yetbut in four years, I have been promoted twice already. It’s something that makes me proud, because despite my youth, I was able to make an impression.

Where do I go from here?

Honestly, I don’t know. It’s easy to say that once I reach five years, when I get to find a new job, I’ll retire from the one that I have now and just transfer. But I know it will be difficult. It’s hard to leave something familiar behind, and just go out there and face something new. It’s never easy to leave your comfort zone. It’s never easy to turn your back on something that gives you more than enough. It’s never easy to choose uncertainty over comfort. It’s always difficult to take a risk.

I also know that nothing will happen to me if I stay. I aspire to grow. I need to find something that I really love. Time and time again, I would tell myself that whatever destiny throws my way, I always manage to come out unscathed. I always manage to adapt, and to survive.

And this is not the time to stop thriving.


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