Last Monday morning, as I was eating my breakfast, my mother was surfing from one TV channel to another. Since it was 4 AM, she couldn’t find a decent show to watch. As I peered over my hotdogs and hash browns, I caught a glimpse of Gossip Girl in one of the channels.

Hmm. I have mixed feelings for that show. I really liked it at first, I watched all episodes of Season 1. But then Season 2 came and I just lost my interest. The story just got too…complicated.

I was fine with Blair being with Nate with Serena having a one night stand with Nate. Serena then got together with Dan, but Blair found herself torn between Nate and Chuck. I was find with the Blair + Chuck tandem, then all of a sudden, there’s Nate + Jenny, Serena and Dan breaking up because of one secret Serena shouldn’t have kept from Dan in the first place, Chuck + Jenny, Blair + some prince, Dan + Vanessa + Lizzie McGuire, Blair + Chuck + prince = Blair pregnant, then last thing I heard, Blair and Dan had a thing. Even Rufus and Lily! Long lost lovers reunited again only to separate again, just because of another stupid “secret”.

Yeah, I know the story even if I stopped watching in the middle of Season 2. (Thanks to Tumblr for the random GIFs I come across whenever I browse.)

Why do people like complicating things? This is indeed one of my pet peeves.

In my twenty-three years of existence, one of the things I have learned is this: Never deny yourself from something that you want, especially when it’s right in front of you.

If you love someone, then be with that person…all the more when he’s right in front of you, and willing to be with you too.

If you want to pursue something, grab the opportunity before it’s lost.

If you have a problem and someone who cares for you wants to help, then let that person help you.

It’s so easy. Or not? Maybe for some, it’s not that easy, but in my opinion, it shouldn’t be that difficult.

Why inflict pain on yourself? Why would you even want torture? Just do what makes you happy. Avoid what makes you sad. Chase your dreams. Work hard to get what you want.


Tell me what you think!

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