Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

I don’t know why I’m finding it hard to think of a photo for this challenge, considering that I am hiding behind the name tangledupindaydreams. I do a lot of daydreaming, and I have a lot of dreams: dreams fulfilled, dreams yet to come true.

I could easily post a photo of a place here, somewhere I’ve been longing to visit. Paris, for instance. Or Egypt. Or Greece. Really, the list is endless.

However, I think the photo below is much more appropriate.

Meet Liam, my adorable little nephew.

I just love watching him sleep. I always wonder what goes on inside his mind, especially when he sleeps. What does he dream about? I’m pretty sure it’s always pure and innocent.

He came unexpected, but we love him. And we, his family, have a lot of dreams for him.



Tell me what you think!

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