Singapore, the second time around

A week ago, I went to Singapore with my boyfriend. It’s not my first time going there, and to tell you honestly, a part of me feels that I should’ve spent my money in visiting a country that I’ve never been to. But then again, I just think about the reason why I decided to visit again, and I can say that it’s worth the expenses and all.

One good thing about visiting a foreign country for the second time is that not only you get to explore the tourist spots, but you also get to immerse yourself in its culture.

We spent Day One roaming around Chinatown where our hostel is located. We bought our favorite Koi for breakfast (yes, milk tea!) and checked out the stalls along the streets. We also went to 313 @ Somerset where I bought a few items from Smiggle, and an Instax Mini7s (impulsive, I know!).

Another thing I love in Singapore is the MRT system, you can go anywhere just by train. Buses are confusing with those routes and all, so I really prefer riding the train. The walking is a humongous act of torture for my feet though.

Before 4 PM, we arrived at Marina Bay Sands. Last November, I only got to see MBS in the evening, so seeing it in broad daylight is a new experience for me. It’s equally magnificent even without the lights. After the Harry Potter Exhibit (will post a separate entry for this), we went to Gardens by the Bay. It was still under construction when we first visited Singapore, and last June they finally opened it to the public. Personally, I think that the garden has an Avatar-ish aura. I heard the view’s much better at night, but the sun sets after seven in the evening, and honestly speaking, we were already too tired to wait for it.

Day Two was spent in Sentosa. We didn’t go to Universal Studios anymore as we already went there the first time, but we still stopped by to eat at our favorite Din Tai Fung. I also bought some chocolates in Candylicious. God, I swear you could lock me up in that store for the rest of my life and I’d still survive.

Oh, we also tried the Luge again, as I wanted to prove to my boyfriend that I don’t suck at it. :) My last Luge experience was a bit of a disaster so I’m really proud to say that I didn’t fail this time.

And finally…Day Three was…mall-hopping day!

Since Singapore is sort of a shopping mecca, we didn’t have quite a lot of photos. I don’t see anything picturesque inside shopping malls, and I’m not sure if I’m allowed to take pictures inside shops too.

Anyway, here are some photos from the trip:


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