1000 Days: Death by Dimsum

My boyfriend and I have this tradition that we would celebrate our “togetherness” every 100 days. And every 100 days, we would go to a hotel of our choice to attack their buffet table because we love good food. Last Thursday, we celebrated our 1000th Day. We have decided that this will be the last hundredth-day celebration for us, because 1100 days, 1200 days, 1800 days, do not sound cute anymore. And frankly, it’s quite hard to count manually!

Unlike our usual celebration, we went to a Chinese restaurant inside Crowne Plaza Hotel. It’s called Xin Tian Di, and they offer UNLIMITED DIM SUM! The place was nice, and we were seated near the glass window, overlooking the roads outside. It would’ve been better if the view weren’t buildings, but I still appreciated it.

The waiter who served us was quite enthusiastic, so he gave us his recommendations. We had to tick the orders from a list, and he ticked them for us. We just needed to tell him how many pieces we would like to have, and he’ll bring everything to us.

We were allowed to order anything we want, as long as we don’t leave leftovers. We were confident at first that we will be able to finish everything. I mean, we’ve been going to buffet style restaurants regularly, surely dim sum would be easy, right? But no, not really. Tell me if this doesn’t look intimidating to you:

In all fairness, the food was really good. As in really, really, good. However, we didn’t get to finish all the food. There came a point that I couldn’t bear to put one piece of Japanese siomai inside my mouth anymore. I just couldn’t. Iseriously thought I was gonna throw up, and I haven’t even tried the dessert yet!

I also didn’t get to finish this dumpling soup:

We walked home to burn the food we ate, I think it was a good 2-kilometer distance. Didn’t notice any changes though, my tummy was still as full as ever. As soon as we got home, we fell asleep. Next thing I knew, my boyfriend was waking me up, telling me that it’s past midnight already and he had to go home. Funny.

I don’t think I’ll be having dim sum anytime soon. I’ve had enough dim sum to last me for the next three months.


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