Where I’ve Been

3% of the world visited, would like to visit 3%

I am not sure whether I should be glad or disappointed with the statistics above. I want to become a well-traveled person because really, nothing compares to experience being the best teacher there is. I want to immerse myself in many cultures, mingle with new people, try different cuisines— I want to be a citizen of the world.

Three percent doesn’t really sound impressing. I mean, I’ve been looking at some travel blogs and I can’t help but admire them. But wait, I am only twenty-three years old and yet I have been to a lot of places already. I should give myself some credit, right?

I swear, I will conquer this map. I will change the all the Want To Go places to I’ve Been To places.

I won’t settle until I have achieved all my goals. I will tell myself everyday: “I may be flat-footed but these feet will go places!”


Tell me what you think!

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