Bucket List

I’m still browsing my old blog and now, I came across my post about my very own bucket list. Boy, was I such a pussy. I think, in the nine months that have passed, I was only able to do just one. So that’s one down, 399532059832 to go. Meh.

1. Travel to Paris.
2. Travel to Greece.
3. Travel to Egypt, if it’s safe already.
4. Donate blood.
5. Marry the man I love.
6. Have healthy and cute children.
7. Finally work in the International Relations field.
8. Speak fluent French, not just the conversational French that I know.
9. Bring my family (mom, dad, sister and nephew) abroad using my own money.
10. Learn to drive.
11. Buy a car.
12. Buy a house or my very own condo unit in Manila.
13. Maintain a long enough hair.
14. Learn to cook.
15. Wear a bikini without being conscious.
16. Travel to South Korea. DONE – Nov 2011
17. Travel to Japan.
18. Ride a hot air balloon.

That’s it. So far I’ve done the following: (not included on the list above)

1. Travel to England.
2. Bring my sister abroad using my own money.
3. Learn to speak basic French.
4. Climb a mountain.
5. Fire a gun.
6. Travel out of the country without parental supervision.
7. Travel to Hong Kong.
8. Saw the Harry Potter cast in real life.
9. First kiss.
10. First you-know-what. (Heehee.)
11. Watch a legit play in a legit theater.
12. Donate funds to WWF.
13. Ride an airplane.
14. Ride a real train, not just the MRT or London Underground.

I should amend my list, make it more organized. It’s all over the place, and it sucks that the list is pretty much catatonic. I have done things that I never thought I would ever do, so it’s not included in my initial bucket list.

I will do my new list tonight and I will post it as soon as I get the chance. :)


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