Growing Up

As all of you may have already observed basing on my previous entries, my friends and I went out of town recently. It was our first time to go to a faraway place– just our group– and without our boy friends and boyfriends. It was a very good experience, considering that we haven’t really seen one another for quite some time now, and we never get the chance to go out of town on our own.

Spending three days and two nights with them made me realize how much we have grown.

For instance, all of us have steady careers already. Well, except for one who is currently studying medicine. Also, almost all of us are in serious relationships.

Two of my friends want to get married soon. Whenever I see them, they ask me “When are you getting married?” I just laugh it out whenever they ask me. I have already expressed my opinion about this, and for the nth time: I love my boyfriend and I think he’s the one, but I am too young to get married, and both of us are not ready yet. Whew! Suddenly, the ancient question “Who is your crush?” actually sounds better, and a lot easier to answer.

Fifteen years ago, we were only little kids talking about our favorite cartoons. Now, we’re already throwing baby showers for our friends.

Seven years ago, we were talking about boys and crushes. Now, we talk about marriage and starting a family.

It still takes me by surprise most of the time, whenever I think about how long we have been friends. That’s half of my life. Almost. And with some, it’s like I have known them for almost all my life. Throughout our friendship, we have seen each other succeed, fail, get heartbroken, get back up, then succeed again.

While the quote “Time flies when you’re having fun” is such an overused cliché, we have to admit that it is true.

Time, it really sneaks up on us. But it doesn’t always slap us hard on the face. Sometimes, it gives us a sweet realization, just like this one.


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