The Road Less Travelled

Our recent trip to Cebu and Bohol was full of mishaps and misadventures, but it’s all worthwhile.

Going to Cebu, our flight was delayed for twenty minutes. This is actually a perennial problem in the Philippines’ aviation system, so we weren’t surprised anymore. Good thing our flight was scheduled early, so we had plenty of time to find the Cebu pier for our ferry.

When we reached Pier 4, we found out that the tickets for the 9:00 AM ferry to Tagbilaran, Bohol was fully booked. We took a cab, went to Pier 1 to catch the 9:20 AM ferry, but the tickets were also sold out. We were thinking of going back to Pier 4 to see if we could still get an 11:00 AM ferry, but the odds were against us.

Under the sweltering heat, we were faced with the following problems:

  • Our friend will fly straight to Tagbilaran, and she will have to wait for hours before we arrive.
  • If we cancel, she has to take the ferry alone going to Cebu instead. We also made a hotel reservation in Panglao Island, and we already paid the downpayment.
  • We were scheduled for a Bohol Tour that day, and we won’t be able to avail of that because we will arrive late.

We racked our brains for a solution. We decided to re-arrange our itinerary for our whole Bohol Trip. Good thing we’re flexible.

We bought tickets for the 12:30 PM ferry going to Tubigon, Bohol. It is a good two-hour drive away from Tagbilaran, but it’s nearer to Danao where the Adventure Park is. So instead of going to Danao on Day 2, we went there on Day 1 instead. We bought ferry tickets from Tagbilaran to Cebu ahead of time to ensure that we won’t run out of seats again.

The ferry ride was awful. The ferry itself shouldn’t be called a ferry, it looked like a submarine. It should’ve been air-conditioned, but we didn’t feel it all throughout our journey to Tubigon. The waves were strong, and the craft was too small to stay still.

My friends, at the Tubigon pier. The sky was really, really beautiful that day :)

The roads going to Danao were rocky and bumpy, the surroundings full of trees. Kudos to our van driver for being very kind and accommodating. He had to pick up our friend from the airport, drive from Tagbilaran to Danao, pull over for our photo op and act as our photographer, then drive from Danao to Tagbilaran. While driving, he also tells us fun facts and stuff about Bohol and its history. I couldn’t help but be amazed– he’s already 65 years old and come to think of it, he doesn’t really need to work but he gets bored at home so he sometimes offer his services to tourists who are in need of a tour van.

One of my friends pointing at something. One of the Chocolate Hills, maybe?

We passed by Francisco Dagohoy’s statue along the way.

We reached Danao Adventure Park before 5:00 PM. I wasn’t really up for taking the Plunge, but almost all my friends are willing to try. My two hesitant friends and I succumbed to peer pressure in the end.

And you’re also paying for a potential cause of heart attack. Hahaha. :)

That’s me at the mercy of ropes and harness.

Good news: WE SURVIVED!

I have been to Bohol before but this experience is a first. I’m glad we went to Danao, for this is something I wouldn’t have experienced (or would even dream of experiencing). It’s very far and perhaps that’s why it’s virginal, so to speak. I hope no one dares to modernize the place because I like it just the way it is. The trees and fresh air are hard to come by nowadays, especially when you live in Manila.

Here are some of the photos taken during our tour in Tagbilaran:

Trekking at the Tarsier Conservation Area

We were fortunate enough to see at least one Tarsier that is wide awake in the morning.

Sunrise at Alona Beach

I transformed into a butterfly! (At Simply Butterflies Conservation Center)

We almost did not enter the Butterfly Conservation Center because we didn’t have much time. I haven’t been there so I’m glad we went inside. The tour guide who assisted us inside was so funny and friendly, he made the tour un-boring.

The famous Chocolate Hills of Bohol, not very chocolatey at this time of year. But still beautiful as ever :)

We didn’t stay long at the viewing deck because we were rushing to catch the Loboc River Cruise for lunch. We almost didn’t make it, for the estimated sailing time was 2:20 PM and we had to go to the pier for our ferry to Cebu by 4:10 PM.

Loboc River

We were in such a hurry but we really had to pull over just to take photos of the man-made forest along the way. Tell me, who can resist to take photos of a beauty such as this?

I admire the locals for maintaining such a clean and beautiful environment. I wish most people were as responsible and disciplined, especially when it comes to taking care of the environment.


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