Singapore Calling

Earlier this year, I have already accepted the fact that I might not be able to go out of the country at all. It wasn’t hard for me to accept, considering that I have to save up if I plan to go back to London before 2014.

Well, that was before I found out that the Harry Potter Exhibit will be going to Singapore. It will be housed there from the 2nd of June until the 30th of September.

People who are close to me know very well that I’m a huge Potterhead. So when my boyfriend told me that the exhibit I’ve been dying to go to (but can’t because it’s in Sydney and soon, London) will be going to Singapore too, we decided that we will go to Singapore! Seriously, after I heard the news, it was all I could think about!

Anyway, two days later, we’re booked! We originally wanted to go on June 7-10 because there will also be an IT Expo, aside from The Great Singapore Sale and the exhibit. However, the fares have already sky-rocketed! Fortunately, we found Jetstar roundtrip tickets worth USD102.16/pax, including taxes. Not bad :)

We still have to arrange our accommodation and itinerary though. I’m so excited!!!


2 thoughts on “Singapore Calling

    • tangledupindaydreams says:

      Ooh, just checked your blog and saw that you’re a Harry Potter fan too! I hope you find a friend to follow so you won’t miss the exhibit. Anyway it’s until the 30th of September so there’s still a lot of time :)

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