Save The Trees

Recently, the news about SM cutting down pine trees in Baguio City spread like wildfire. There were protests, people pleading not to cut the trees, saying that it will affect the environment. I understand where they come from, actually. I have only been to Baguio twice, the first one was more than ten years ago and the previous one was just last year. But I have seen my parents’ pictures way, way back, when Baguio was still green. Now, the pine trees are no longer abundant, they were replaced by houses and establishments. And given the recent events like landslides and immense flooding, I can tell why people are going hysterical.

There are haters who post in social networking sites, saying that instead of complaining, why not plant trees instead. They keep on saying, Why not act rather than stay in the streets in protest? Which honestly, I think this is quite hypocritical, because they themselves are doing nothing to prevent the destruction of the environment. They do nothing but hate and make fun of those who act, but they are not doing anything to make the world better.

I’m not saying that protests are okay. I actually detest those who do protests once they see something they don’t like, no matter how little. But sitting there doing nothing, and even mocking those who stand up to what they believe in, I think that’s worse.

According to SM, they will be transferring the trees to a different location. Some tree surgeons say that it will be a difficult task and a huge risk for the trees. In the end, the trees may just die in the process.

As of now, a Temporary Restraining Order was issued to prevent the cutting of the trees. Only time will tell how things will end up.

It’s sad, seeing and hearing news like this. We all know that thousands have already died recently due to natural calamities, worsened by the deteriorating state of the environment.

Let’s stop for a while and ponder. How will we preserve the beauty of mother nature? What can we do to help?

Pine trees at Camp John Hay, Baguio City (2011)


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