Simplify, simplify. -Henry David Thoreau

I’m trying to write an action plan regarding the Stress Management training that I recently attended. I need to write three things that I will do to avoid stress and to improve my current situation. It’s not like I get stressed all the time. Actually, during our personality assessment, I fell on the Laid-back type while others are more prone to stress.

Nevertheless, I am still required to submit this post-course work. I don’t know where to start! The only thing I could remember is DE-CLUTTER.

I have always used de-cluttering as a means of therapy. Whenever I feel bad, my obsessive-compulsive tendencies overpower me. I clean my room and scrub my bathroom floor, I arrange the clothes from my cabinet by color and by type, and I check my stuff and throw whatever I think is junk. Throwing something from the past that’s been holding you back for the longest time is very, very liberating. Many times I have taken it as a sign, that I’m ready to face the future without looking back. Letting go of things that you’ve been trying to hold on to means you’re ready to transform into someone better.

Honestly, no matter how neat my office desk looks, my room is the total opposite. Living alone, I don’t have to worry about people seeing how cluttered my room is. I don’t have my mom here to tell me to clean my room. I put stuff wherever it fits, as long as there’s space for it. More often than not, the clutter affects my mood. On bad days, when I go home from work and find my place in chaos, it just worsens my mood. It also bothers me whenever I search for something and I can’t find it because most likely, I have tossed it somewhere in my room and it disappeared in some black hole. Not being able to find that thing that you’ve been looking for, well, that’s quite stressful.

Ergo, I resolve to de-clutter more often to bring in more positive vibes. My only problem is how to counter the dust, because I’m allergic. But the mess, surely with some perseverance I can eliminate that.

Another point that I remember is REFRAMING.

Reframing means stepping out of your current situation and viewing it as a different person with a more positive outlook. Reframing doesn’t solve your problems, it doesn’t change your situation but it helps you deal with it. In short, it makes you see the silver lining.

This is difficult, but it sure is helpful. Instead of complaining and bringing stress upon yourself and the people around you, why not try to look at the situation in a different angle? Who knows, you might find a solution to your problem if you only see it with a fresh eye.

Whenever I face a challenge, I keep my complaints in my head and try to work around the situation. I don’t evade, I attack.

An example: When I was offered a promotion, I immediately thought, Oh no. I was overwhelmed and flattered, but at the same time I was asking myself, Can I do this? I was scared at first but I tried to reframe the situation. Instead of declining, I analyzed the PROs and CONs. If I get promoted, it’s a good career move. How long will it take before another opportunity like this comes along? I will no longer receive the bonuses I usually get as a Rank and File staff, but my salary will increase and our health insurance covers everything. In the end, I accepted it and look where I am now. I have been here for five months, and I am surviving everyday.

Now let’s go to MANAGING RELATIONSHIPS. What I remember is this:

Your relationship with your family and closest friends – strengthen it.

Your relationship with your colleagues and acquaintances – keep it.

Your relationship with those people who pull you down – cut it.

You have to know which relationships are more important. Focus on what you think would help you grow more, because honestly, you don’t need other people pulling you down or infecting you with so much negativity to the point that it affects your disposition in life.

For me, the most important relationship is the one I have with my family. They’ve been here all my life and they have done nothing but support me in all my endeavors. I make it a point to go home every weekend and spend time with them because it’s the only time I have. I also value my relationship with my closest friends who are also like family to me. These are the friends who know the real me, those who sticked around through thick and thin. I don’t have a lot of friends, but I make sure that every person I consider my friend is worth keeping.

About negative relationships, I try my best to avoid them. I disassociate myself from those who complain a lot, those who talk behind others’ backs, those who pull you down with them in order for them to get ahead. I usually tend to detach myself from others to avoid unnecessary issues.


…which I’m clearly NOT doing right now. It’s almost 12 midnight and I’m still wide awake.

A well-rested mind is less prone to stress. Definitely no fun in working while your mind is asleep, right? Also, exercise is essential to keep the blood pumping!

Right now I am taking Vitamin B complex to help the circulation of my blood. Recently I have been experiencing a lot of cramps in the lower area of my body, and I was told that it’s because I don’t move a lot. Ouch.

I won’t preach about eating healthy because honestly, I already lost even before the battle has started. I just can’t eat veggies. But I do eat fruits. A+ for effort! :)


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