Castles and Palaces

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see Prince William or Prince Harry when we stayed in The United Kingdom but we were able to visit various castles and palaces where royals usually stay.

  • Buckingham Palace (London) – I’m not sure if people are allowed to go inside, but we didn’t get to enter so I guess outsiders are not allowed. We didn’t wait for the famous Changing of Guards to finish because we wanted to maximize our time.

  • Windsor Castle (Berkshire) – We also didn’t go inside because we opted to go to Legoland instead. Humongous land area, wonderful architecture.
  • Arundel Castle (West Sussex) – We were able to take a tour inside the castle. There are some parts that are eerie, perhaps because of the ancient structures. The photo below was taken in one of the fortresses of the castle.
  • Tower of London – When visiting large castles, you need to allot at least a day for the whole tour. We didn’t get to go inside because of this. Instead, we ate Haagen Dasz at a nearby place with the fascinating Tower Bridge view.
No, I wasn’t able to visit Hogwarts like I originally wanted to. I haven’t received my acceptance letter yet so perhaps I passed by the place but saw it as an abandoned parcel of land because I’m a muggle. :(
I went to Platform 9 3/4 though! Success!

2 thoughts on “Castles and Palaces

  1. thelightinbetween says:

    Platform 9 3/4!!!!! AHHH my Harry Potter fanatic side is coming out again :) Oh, and I also love castles.

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