The World of GIFs

Being previously active in Tumblr, I got used to writing blog entries with more GIFs in it than words. There are things that you just that are better expressed by images, such as intense emotions. For example, the sentence: I feel so hurt, and right now my tears are flowing down my face is much more relatable if written like this:

I feel so hurt.  OR

I feel so hurt.

GIFs are hilarious, but if your main reason for creating a blog is to practice expressing yourself through words, then using these animated pictures actually defeats the purpose of having a blog.

Let me share with you some GIFs that I used a lot in my previous blog.

  • The Look Who’s Talking kid – I use this whenever I’m pissed or frustrated at someone. I’m  also fond of this kid because I look like her when I was a little girl.

  • The alligator who ate Captain Hook’s hand – I use this whenever I feel, you guessed it, excited.

  • Agnes, the cutest little kid from Despicable Me :)
  • You could never go wrong with Celine Dion, ha-ha.
If your main purpose in blogging is plainly just to express yourself, then go on, GIF away my friend! There’s nothing wrong with using a bit of humor.
Sincerely Yours,


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