Trickeye Museum

Whenever I travel, I make it a point to visit at least one museum. When I was researching about the recommended tourist spots in Seoul, I came across Trickeye Museum and Santorini Seoul. Click here for the link.

Santorini Seoul is a multipurpose cultural complex comprised of a museum, gallery, performance hall, shop, and a café. The cultural complex, located in the basement floor of Homi Atelier (a famous art supply store for professional artists), is around 700 pyeong (more than 2000 meters squared) in size. The facility can be categorized into three main parts: an open-run museum exclusively for trick art; three galleries / performance hall; and an art museum displaying cat-related pieces.

The trick art museum features paintings that are extremely realistic and seem as if they are in 3D. By posing next to the painting in a certain way, you can take a picture and look like you’re part of the painting! In the gallery section, artwork by well known artists is on display and is changed every few months. The complex stays open every night until 10:00pm and is a popular date spot for office workers.

Words are not enough. It won’t do the artists justice. Ergo, here are some of the photos we have taken, to give you an idea what to find inside:

My friend being stabbed by a knight painting :)

Me playing see-saw with Korean women

How adorable is this?

It’s all about the money, money, money…

I’m grateful that we were able to visit this museum. It’s quite far from our place, and note that we did not avail of any tour packages so we didn’t have a tour guide with us. Sometimes all you need is proper research, and you’re all good. :)


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