On Waterproof Cameras and Cases

I’m thinking of purchasing a waterproof DSLR case. This plan is actually long overdue, since I’ve been planning to buy even before we went to Palawan.

I found one in R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street, however, it costs Php11,000. Way too expensive for me. I checked the website of  Aquapac and the price is GBP95, which makes me wonder, how come it’s so expensive here in the Philippines?

I searched the internet and found DiCAPac. I checked Digital Walker in Greenbelt 5, and it costs around Php3,600. Unfortunately, they don’t have WP-S5 in stock, the model designed for my DSLR.

Since I ended up waterproof case-less, I settled for an Underwater Lomo Camera. My sister found it in Multiply, and it only costs Php850. I bought the pink one, predictable because I love pink. It’s pretty old school, I have to load it with film for it to work. I wasted one roll of film in the process of trying it out for the first time, but it worked when we were in Palawan. Out of 72 shots, 51 came out okay. Not bad.

The only disadvantage of this camera is that since it doesn’t have batteries, you have to manually rewind it every time you are done with the film. Scroll, scroll, scroll, click. Scroll, scroll, scroll, click. You get the picture. And it also doesn’t have a flash, so it has to be really sunny outside when you use it outdoors. If you will use it indoors, you will need a certain amount of light.

For me, having a good and sturdy camera is very crucial. I am not a professional photographer in any sense, but I love taking pictures, and it’s very fulfilling to see your favorite moments captured on film and on cam.


Tell me what you think!

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