Impossible is NOTHING

A couple of years ago, I swore to myself that I would travel at least once a year. Out-of-the-country or out-of-town, it doesn’t really matter as long as I get to set foot in a different territory and explore what it has to offer.

I experienced my first airplane ride when I was fourteen. My mother, younger sister and I were headed to London for a two-month vacation. And as much as I love the feeling of take-off now, it was an entirely different feeling seven years ago. I was already barfing myself sick even before we left for the airport because of tension. It was a sixteen-hour ride, and despite a three-hour stopover in Dubai, it was still a pain in the ass (literally).

Soon I had to go to college, and going to out-of-the-country trips wasn’t part my immediate priorities. Well, secretly I was hoping that maybe we could travel once in a while. But I have no one to travel with, my parents are spending so much money for our education already, and my schedule was so hectic. It wasn’t until I had my first job that I got to ride a plane again, this time going to Cebu with my officemates.

Just a few months after, not only did I get a boyfriend, but a travel buddy as well. I suddenly found myself gathering enough courage to tell my parents that I’m going to Hong Kong with my man. They let me go, but my sister has to tag along. I actually got the idea from him, the traveling at least once a year. He made me realize that perhaps it is possible.

And yes, it really is possible.

Last November, I went to South Korea with two of my friends. My boyfriend wasn’t able to secure a visa, so he surprised me by booking a flight to Singapore the week before my scheduled trip to South Korea. Two weeks ago, I was enjoying the beaches of Puerto Princesa, Palawan. This April, I am scheduled to go back to Cebu and Bohol with my high school girlfriends, and on May, I might be going to Coron, Palawan with my family.

Just looking back, I have been living a jet setter life this past two years. Traveling is my money pit, this is where all my money goes. And in no way do I consider that it is a waste of resources. Traveling may be a luxury for others, but I view it as part of education. The thrill, the adventure, and the whole experience itself is priceless.


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