As promised, I am going to post photos from our recent trip to Puerto Princesa, Palawan:

I have never been to Boracay, but I never had the interest to go there. I think it’s too mainstream already, with all those people flocking in, the parties at night, et cetera. I have only tried the beaches in Batangas, Quezon, Bohol, and Little Hampton, and Puerto Princesa is indeed the most beautiful (and most virgin) by far. Well Panglao Island in Bohol is beautiful too, but I didn’t get to appreciate it because it was low tide when I went there around three years ago.

This is me, riding a boat with all the protective gears. You can see the entrance to the Underground River in the background. I was actually more afraid of having to deal with bat guano than going inside a dark cramped place with nothing surrounding us but water. Though I admit, I got pretty scared when we saw a snake among the rocks. I was certain it was gonna jump on us anytime, and I was praying for my dear life. No, not really for my dear life. For my reputation. Hahaha. I am scared of reptiles and amphibians (except for turtles!), and I was sure that once that snake shows any sign of movement, I would have panicked. If it jumped, well, there’s a 90% chance that I would have jumped in the water OR I would have panicked so hard that the boat might just turn over and everyone will fall in the water. Thank God it didn’t happen, because my sister would’ve killed me for drowning our camera.


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