Let me tell you why I love London…

It’s where I watched an actual Broadway show, only the place isn’t called Broadway but Leicester Square. Not sure if it’s in West End, but it’s not really that important to me. Gaaah, Lion King!

The palaces. They are just so captivating. The grandeur, the history, everything about it is mesmerizing to me. (And part of me and my sister are hoping that we’d get to see the not-yet-very-balding Prince William)

The Mars ice cream bar. Yes, not your typical chocolate bar. They actually have an ice cream version that looks like the chocolate bar one. Forget Magnum (which is currently the talk of the town and I have no idea why, almost everyone has a picture in FB eating this particular ice cream…it’s just so weird), ice cream versions of your favorite chocolate bars are the bomb.

The gloomy weather. It is the Forks of Europe. Hahaha.

I could go on and on, but I want to post pictures too. Unfortunately I don’t have them here. And obviously, I was quite an ugly duckling. Unlike now that I have blossomed into a beautiful swan….

Or should I say CHIPMUNK? Hahaha.


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