After The Trip

Last Friday, Cy, our friend Shane, and I went to Palawan for a vacation.

The place did not disappoint me. I mean, the sea, it’s just so clean! The surroundings even. The sand was so white and fine. Despite the flow of tourists, they manage to maintain the whole city clean, and the beaches virgin. (I still haven’t uploaded the photos–I will post them one of these days.)

So anyway, the food is also good…not to mention a whole lot cheaper than what they sell here in Manila. I also tried their famous exotic dish called Tamilok but served as Calamares with the breading and all. I only tried to eat about two– the first one, it took me a lot of convincing before I even put it inside my mouth; while the second and last one, I finally tasted the sliminess and weirdness of it that I decided to not have another bite. Eating those two pieces is quite an achievement for me already, considering how picky am I when it comes to food.

On Friday night, we ate at Kinabuchs where we tried the Tamilok . Their Sizzling Blue Marlin is surprisingly delicious, at least for me. People already think that it is, but it’s surprising for me because I already have this notion that all fish taste the same. Of course we ordered Grilled Liempo for me. Cy doesn’t want to order any food that isn’t sea food because what’s the point in being in Palawan if we’re not going to avail the fresh seafood that the place has to offer? But I made a bargain, I said I will try eating Tamilok if only we would have Grilled Liempo as part of our dinner. We also ordered Shanghai fried rice and a pitcher of iced tea. Our whole bill just cost Php700++, which made us very happy. If we were in Manila, ordered three viands, plus rice, and a pitcher of whatever drink we choose, it would cost us roughly Php1000++.

On Saturday night, we had dinner at Ka Lui. My colleague suggested we eat there, and judging by the jam-packed restaurant, and the fact that you have to call for reservation, then I guess it really is famous. Only I wasn’t impressed with the food. I think it was a bit overrated. But maybe it’s just me, and my lack of interest in seafood. All they serve are seafood and vegetables!!! And fruit shakes. I liked Cy’s Watermelon Shake, considering that I rarely eat Watermelon. The ambiance was very nice though, very cozy. We sat on the floor, propped with pillows. It’s all I can do not to fall asleep, with my body in bad condition and with a flu coming up.

Oh yes, I remember now. That’s why I entitled this entry: After The Trip.

I was gonna write about how I contracted a fever that Saturday night and until now I’m stuck in bed nursing myself back to health. I can write all about the trip once I have photos already.

I don’t know what happened, suddenly I just felt ill. Like my insides where writhing in pain, the same pain I feel whenever I’m going down with a flu. It actually started when we were inside the Underground River. We were already on our way out when my head begins to throb. I just ignored it because really, the sight was such a beauty to behold.

My boyfriend’s theory is that perhaps I got cold because Shane and I took a dip at the beach while waiting for a member of our tour group to finish trying out the zip line. We were only wearing our bikinis and our cover ups and that’s just it. When we saw the beautiful beach, we decided to play in the water and when we got out, we only put our cover ups above our wet bodies. We proceeded to eat lunch, which in fact didn’t dry us the way we wanted, then we took the boat going to the Underground River. That, perhaps was the moment when my body gave up on me. The coldness of the wind in the sea + our wet clothes = recipe for disaster…at least for me.

My fever was at its peak when we arrived at the hotel from Ka Lui. I could barely stand up or even move, all I wanted to do was lie down. But I had to organize my luggage so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it the next day. Our call time was 6:30am for the Honda Bay Tour, so it’s crucial that everything is all set. Good thing my boyfriend was there beside me. I was shivering and feverish. He gave me Paracetamol, and made me drink lots of water. By morning, my fever was gone but I still didn’t feel well. My head was aching, my body was sore. I knew I wouldn’t be as energetic as usual.

I still tried swimming and snorkeling, which was fun. However, when noon came, I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt so ill, I had to sleep after eating our early lunch. I wasted an hour of my time by sleeping instead of wading in the water, but at least I regained even just a little bit of strength. We proceeded to the other islands, but every time we ride our boat, I just fall asleep. I tried my best not to be a party pooper, but as soon as we were at the airport, I knew my fever has gone back.

The flight was delayed, as expected, so as much as I wanted to lie down and sleep, I couldn’t. As soon as the plane took off and was properly settled up there, I slept on Cy’s lap. By night, I could barely comprehend what was happening around me. It was all a blur and I was really drained from all the energy that was left in me. All I remember was Cy putting his sweatshirt over me, covering me with my blanket. He went out to buy dinner and medicine, then he woke me up when he arrived to feed me. He fed me soup and siopao, but I didn’t have much appetite. I just fell asleep again then nothing. I woke up the next morning knowing that I wouldn’t be able to go to work.

I felt bad, not going to work. Last Monday I already skipped work due to asthma, and now this. What will my boss and colleagues think of me? Unless of course their minds are not polluted enough. Anyway, as long as I know that I am not lying, then no one can harm me.

Why, why do I always think that everybody will hurt me?


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