Last night, as my boyfriend and I were preparing to sleep, we heard a loud voice of a man shouting: “UMUWI NA KAYO! WALA AKONG PAKEALAM! LUMAYAS NA KAYO!” (“Go home, all of you! I don’t care! Just leave!”)

I was shocked and scared. His voice was so loud and clear, not to mention full of rage. My boyfriend and I were whispering, we were wondering where the voice came from. We realized that it came from the third floor (my unit is at the second floor). After the shouts, we heard footsteps going down the stairs of the building.

I honestly thought it was over. Until we heard banging sounds. I could imagine that the guy was in the kitchen, throwing kitchen stuff and the chairs. We could hear shouting, and I wondered, who was he angry at? Then we heard a woman’s voice. She was shouting and crying. We didn’t hear what she was saying, but from what I heard in the tone of her voice, she was pleading. Every time the man would raise his voice again, the woman would shout, as if she was so scared and she was pleading not to hurt her.

I felt bad. I felt so helpless. I knew I had to do something, but I was scared. My boyfriend and I didn’t want to intervene because we don’t know that the man was capable of. For all we know, he might have a gun or a deadly weapon on hand and he would lash out on us. I was thinking, perhaps we should report it to the caretaker but fear hit me again. What if he finds out that we were the ones who reported the incident? He might seek revenge after this whole predicament.

Fortunately, after much commotion, we heard the voice of the caretaker. It’s either he heard the noise, or someone reported the incident to him. I just hope that they will be kicked out, because I don’t want to live in the same building with such a violent person. I also sincerely wish that the woman would leave that horrible person already. I hope she’s not the type of woman who’s stupid enough to stay despite being battered.

This isn’t the dark ages. We already live in a modern era. If you’re not happy, leave. If he’s hurting you, leave. If it’s no longer a healthy relationship, leave.

Remember, while it is true that you’re a woman and he may be stronger than you, you can always choose to prevent violence. Once you notice that he has a tendency to be possessive and violent, then start thinking whether staying with him is the right thing. If he hurts you once, don’t let it happen again. Either file a complaint against the person or just stay away.


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