Easier Said Than Done

When is enough enough?

This post isn’t about me. Well, partly.

It has happened to me a lot of times: seeing friends suffer because of this so-called “love life”, hearing them say “I’ve had enough!” over and over and over, but never end up leaving these men who are pains in the ass.

Been there, done that. And I can just imagine the frustration I have caused upon my friends!

Right now I have friends who I want to just hang upside down, while telling them “BREAK UP WITH THAT A-HOLE!!!” But it’s not as simple as that. It never will be. Unless you really hit rock bottom and you realize that the relationship isn’t going nowhere.

And it’s really hard to just leave someone whom you have already shared everything with. Especially if you have already invested so much time and effort (and in some cases, money). You can’t just delete your memories in a snap. You can’t just migrate to the other side of the world just to avoid the other person (unless of course, you’re a millionaire).

The punchline: It’s always easier said than done.


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